宇宙法則とその叡智である調和(ヨガ)力を、常に変化している現代社会日常生活に取り入れるのがマクロビオティック ヨガです。

The purpose of practicing Macrobiotic Yoga is absorbing the universal law and its wisdom of harmonizing (yoga) energy into contemporary daily life.
This logo, symbolized as the practice of Seven conditions of macrobiotic health (no fatigue, good appetite, sound sleep, good memory, always happy, never telling a lie(Justice)) and the philosophy of Yin-yang Five elements yoga, was created about 10 years ago, wishing to make it a movement desired in modern times that awakens spirit and body and shares world peace consciousness through restoration and revival of hemp cultivation. The seven leaves of hemp coincide with the Seven Laws of the Order of the Universe, while the twelve square surrounding the hemp,  the Twelve Theorem.